How is my platform fee calculated?

Your platform fee is set at 1% per annum (excl VAT) of the asset value on purchase. This fee is charged monthly as 1/12th of the annual fee. The fee is only debited from your Fedgroup Wallet when you get paid. 

Your platform fee only starts accruing when your asset is producing - so for example, if you are pre-buying solar panels or your hive has not yet been swarmed, you will not be charged a fee. 

The platform fee increases each year in line with inflation. For example if you purchase a blueberry bush today (December 2018) it costs R300 so your annual fee will be R3 excl VAT and will increase each year in line with inflation. If the blueberry bush is sold next year at, for example, R400, the fee will start at R4 and increase each year in line with inflation. 

If you purchase a bundle, please note that the fee is calculated on the actual value of the asset not the discounted fee. 

The platform fee is accrued month on month until you receive an income. If you choose to sell your asset between harvests, the accrued platform fee as at the sale date will be debited before you receive the proceeds of the sale.

For more information on the platform fee, you can click on this link.



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