Your annual income projection

At a glance below, you can see the projected annual income for each asset. This will show you how we have calculated the percentage return, on average, year on year. This rate is known as the internal rate of return.

Assets earn income depending on harvest cycles. Beehives and blueberry bushes earn an income twice a year while solar panels earn each month.

Farming assets typically take time to generate income. Bee colonies require time to mature and increase the volume of honey, wax and propolis they can produce. You can expect a lower income in year one, with increases over the next nine years of the hive’s life.

The projections have been made taking into account a number of factors including weather, market price and yield. For example, when calculating how much electricity a solar panel will produce, one of the factors we looked at was South African weather patterns over the last 20 years.

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