Besides the investor, who benefits? And how?

The key parties benefitting from this concept are the investors on the one side and the farmers on the other. The farmers benefit because they are able to expand their existing operations, also creating more jobs. Did you know that there are double the number of people employed in farming as opposed to mining in this country? It is a huge employer and is in decline. The farmer benefits in the increased volume of crops and profit associated with that. The only fee that investors are charged is a 1% annual platform fee (based on the asset price, and subject to annual inflation) to manage their assets.

And this has been factored into our projected returns. However there are a myriad of other beneficiaries along the value chain, for example service providers handling distribution, the off-takers and retailers of produce, farm workers and employment seekers, consumers (e.g. greater supply of real, unadulterated honey).

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