Why is honey so expensive? Why invest in honey?

Why is honey so expensive?

Looking after your hive costs money: actively managing the hive to ensure maximum production and having the knowledge to understand the flowering season are critical. Consumers are starting to understand the benefits of quality honey. The honey costs more but people are choosing to buy honey that is made locally as opposed to imports. Buying international honey means you do not know where the pollen has come from to make that honey. There is no regulation around honey production. That is why it is so important that your hive is with an experienced beekeeper who invests in sustainable practices to produce a quality product.

Why invest in honey?

The demand for honey continues to grow, with many people interested in the health benefits. South Africa does not produce enough honey to meet demand. This is why so much of our honey is imported from China and Argentina and then blended. As consumers become choosier, they will opt for locally produced premium honey, meaning now is a great time to invest in a local hive.

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