What is the lead time to production for beehives?

After your hive has been swarmed, you will be notified. When the hives have been swarmed, the bees can start to produce honey. An immature hive produces far less honey and other products than a mature hive, so your income from your hive will improve rapidly as your hive matures over the first three years. 

Hives can also earn money from pollination fees.

Income will be paid to Impact Farmers twice per year, with the timing dependent on variables such as the weather and maturity of the hive. 

Who is managing these hives?

The hives are built and managed by expert beekeepers. The harvested honey is sold wholesale to the suppliers who bottle and supply some of the major supermarkets in South Africa. All the honey produced will be subject to testing and audit to ensure that it is of a good standard.

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