How are the sites selected and maintained?

Fedgroup takes care of the installation, insurance and maintenance of your panels. All panels are of the highest quality so will last for 20 years. When the building is not fully occupied, electricity demand will be lower. The aim is not to replace 100% of the electricity requirements because if occupancy is lower, too much electricity would be produced.

Likewise, if the weather was poor, the landlord could not risk being without power. For this reason, Fedgroup only replaces 70% of the electricity demand of the building. Building owners sign contracts to purchase all the energy generated by the panels. In addition, we use our years of experience in the commercial property industry to carefully select commercially viable sites.

Storing electricity on site in batteries is prohibitively expensive so currently we aim to supply 70% of a building's needs. This may be reviewed in the future as technology changes. 

Why don't you sell electricity back into the national grid?

Currently, only a few municipalities, such as Nelson Mandela Bay, allow energy to be fed back into the grid. If we install solar farms in these areas, energy will be supplied to the grid and our solar panel owners will share in the income generated in this way.

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