Can my investment beat the market?

Fedgroup Impact Farming offers you an opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio. It is an alternative asset class versus property or the stock market, for example.

Because your returns from solar panels increase as the energy price increases, your returns are likely to be counter cyclical.

Blueberries benefit from currency fluctuations. As a portion of the crop is exported to Europe, if the rand depreciates, the sale of the fruit becomes more lucrative for both the farmer and the Impact Farmer, which also makes blueberries a good rand hedge tool.

Currently, two thirds of South Africa’s honey demand is supplied by imports. These imports are often of a lower quality, which means that the demand for high-quality, locally produced honey is on the rise from consumers who are becoming increasingly knowledgeable. Our projections for the increase in the honey price were calculated using average inflation, but in recent times, the price of honey has increased at rates above inflation. If this trend continues, beehive owners can expect their returns to outperform our projections.

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