Are the returns guaranteed, and is it possible that you might lose some of your investment?

Investment returns are not guaranteed. They are projections that have undergone stringent due diligence (and are intentionally conservative). Your assets are fully insured against weather, damage, or theft.

There is the risk that the market price for the harvested product of your asset could drop. However, the products were specifically selected because of their current market position and the projected increased demand.

Environmental factors have also been taken into account. Solar panels produce less energy when it is overcast, but weather patterns over the last 20 years were used to calculate our projections. Beehives produce less in drought years, but again the average production over decades was used to determine your projected returns. Blueberries are drip fed to conserve water and mitigate drought conditions and are housed under hail-resistant nets. Moringa trees, although very hardy and drought-resistant trees, are watered using drip irrigation. Macadamia tree farms undergo strict due diligence in order to in assess water quantity and quality while approved methods, consisting of regular check-ups and a controlled spray regime have been implemented to ward off stink bugs. Lettuce stacks are grown in a controlled greenhouse and staff adhere to stringent hygiene protocols to avoid bringing diseases into the greenhouse. The greenhouse is divided into multiple chambers, so in the unlikely event that a disease finds its way into the greenhouse, the chambers can be sealed off to limit the spread to just one chamber.

We also have minimum performance guarantees in place with certain providers.

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