Are there already farmers with blueberry bushes, beehives and solar farms that have been invested?

Yes, Fedgroup invested money into the infrastructure and set up. Starting two years ago with our pilot solar panel project, we have to date invested R60 million. The blueberry farms are already up and running and the beehivces are populated and installed on farms. In the first two months of the Fedgroup app going live, we have over 2,000 investors. The average investment ranges from R500- R10,000 but we have a number of people investing significantly larger amounts into Impact Farming. We also have around a 20% reinvestment rate so far.

The current investors are able to select indivdual assets or bundles of assets at a reduced cost. These include blueberry bushes that were planted in March, hives that are pre-populated and panels that have been installed. We have carefully sourced and selected our partners based on track record, reputation and size. These are commercial farmers who expanded their operations thanks to Fedgroup Impact Farming.

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