What income can I expect over the lifetime of my asset?

At their current price points, you can expect the following income from your Impact Farming investments:

Solar:   R15 000 per solar panel over 20 years

Blueberries:  R700 per blueberry bush over 8 years

Beehives:   R9 000 per beehive over 10 years

The income for blueberries and beehives are paid the month after the harvest, after it has been sold to our contracted buyers. Blueberries are harvested in November and January, so owners will receive an income in December and February. Beehives are harvested in September and February, so owners will receive their income in October and March. With solar panels, the income is received monthly. Income will only be received when the asset is deployed - in other words, when the beehive is swarmed and starts to produce honey or when the solar panel is installed. 

You can read more about the annual income projections here. 

Cash is stored in each asset owner’s Impact Farming wallet, where it earns interest at 4.5% p.a., linked to the repo rate (this is not factored into our projected IRR, so any reinvestment of earnings would improve investors’ returns). You have the option to turn interest on or off. If you want to change the status of your wallet, simply go to the profile section in the App and turn your interest on/off. As asset owners you can keep your money in the Fedgroup Wallet for as long as you choose. Whenever the balance is over R300, you can also choose to have it automatically paid out.



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