How do I invest on the Fedgroup App?

Investing is as simple as downloading the Fedgroup App.

You can click to access the App on the Apple App Store here.

You can click to access the App on Google Play here.

Or you can go to your app store and type 'Fedgroup' into the search bar. Our App should be the first to appear. Download the App and follow the easy steps to create your account to browse our investment offerings and make an investment.

Creating your account

To create your account, all you need is a valid email address and your SA ID number. Follow the steps outlined at the bottom of your screen to instantly create your Fedgroup account and start investing. 

Choosing your investment

You can choose to invest in a single type of asset, a mixed portfolio, or even traditional investments. Invest from as little as R500 and add a variety of solutions to one shopping cart and diversify your portfolio today.

Explore the marketplace

Click on the Impact Farming, Investments or Bundles Tab in the marketplace to view the current investment opportunities. Click on the display card for an investment offering to explore returns, projected cash flow, performance forecasts, key facts, and more.

Managing your portfolio

You can check back as often as you like on the App to view your portfolio or make more investments. The portfolio section in the App provides you with an overview of the investments you hold and the performance of those investments. The Wallet section houses the returns and income delivered by your investments. Here, you can choose to withdraw money from your Fedgroup Wallet or invest the funds in new investment offerings. You will receive an emailed statement of your account every month.

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