How do I get into Impact Farming?

Investing is as simple as downloading the Fedgroup App.

You can click to access the app on the Apple App Store here.

You can click to access the app on Google Play here.

Or you can go to your app store and type 'Fedgroup' into the search bar. Our app should be the first to appear. Download the App and follow the easy steps to create your account and purchase your assets to become an Impact Farmer.

Creating your account

To create your account, all you need is a valid email address and your SA ID number. Follow the steps in the pink bar at the bottom of your screen to instantly create your Impact Farming account and start farming. 

Choosing assets

You can choose to invest in a single type of asset or a mixed portfolio. Take a look at the starter bundles for some ideas. Invest from as little as R300 for a blueberry bush. If you invest in a mixed bundle, the advantage is that you will receive payments into your Fedgroup Wallet a number of times a year as the crops are harvested. Only the solar panels pay you a monthly income, while the blueberries and honey options pay twice a year after the crop is harvested.

Explore the marketplace

Choose this tab on the app to view current investment opportunities and select your purchase. Click on an asset to explore returns, projected cash flow, performance forecasts and more. Learn more about who our partners are and who currently buys their harvests. 

Managing your portfolio

You can check back as often as you like on the app to view your portfolio or purchase more assets. You can choose to take your money out of your Fedgroup Wallet (when it reaches a minimum of R300) or you can reinvest it. Each month, you will receive an emailed statement of account.

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